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The Benefits of Traveling Off the Grid May 30 2016

We’re not saying you need to build a fire and make your own food, but going on a digital detox definitely has its perks. Unplugging can help you unwind and appreciate every aspect of travel without those distracting push notifications.

You’ll Learn to Live Without Technology (At Least For A Bit)

Smartphones are the grown-up version of security blankets. Think of how many times you mindlessly scroll through feeds or reach for your phone when there’s an awkward lull in conversation. We've become so dependent on our devices, sometimes its worth powering down for a while, and just being completely present in the moment. Plus, your device looks like it could use a break.

You’ll Depend on Communicating with Others

Rather than relying on apps and websites to lead the way, you’ll be more likely to ask locals for directions, and local recommendations. You may meet a new friend that turns into a personal tour guide, or just a friendly face that recommends his favorite beer spot. A huge part of traveling is absorbing a new culture, and you can’t do that without reaching out to those who call that place home.

You’ll Worry Less About Social Media

You just Instagramed what you thought was worth a solid 40 likes, but after checking every 3 minutes, you haven’t even reached 11. Even with hashtags and a geotag! Leave those worries behind when you disconnect, and don’t let numbers determined by others define your self worth. Remember: you’re traveling for yourself and no one else.

You’ll Have More Time to Enjoy for Yourself

Your awareness of the world will change after experiencing it with all five senses. There’s so much to see, feel, smell, hear, and taste! It's easy to forget about all of these senses when a red notification bubble pops up and completely takes you out of the moment. There’s a digital world at your fingertips and a physical world all around you. Which one do you want to experience on your next trip?

Why Does In-Flight Food Taste Different? April 20 2016

Photo Credit: Unlawyer, Via Flickr

You’re on your way to Italy, preparing en-route with a mid-flight glass of your favorite Chianti, but something is off. You swear the wine tastes nothing like the glasses you’ve sipped at home or at your favorite restaurant in Little Italy, even though it’s the same exact wine! You’re not crazy; your method of transportation is to blame. Food and drinks taste different on flights, and this isn’t just because of their sometimes freeze-dried or vacuum-sealed state. We had a major “aha!” moment when we read this article from Travel + Leisure explaining the science behind this mid-flight flavor transformation.

Flight 001, The culturists' one-stop-shop for international travel March 23 2016

Flight 001 Founders, John Sencion and Brad John

Flight 001, (pronounced Flight ONE) is a multi-brand travel retail experience that simulates the thrill of international travel with design-forward products created to enhance passenger style and comfort throughout every phase of travel. The culturalists’ source for luggage and travel accessories since 1999, today Flight 001 operates more than 25 boutiques globally. Visit your nearest location in the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and beyond.

The brand was created in 1998, aboard an Air France flight somewhere between New York and Paris by design industry insiders, John Sencion and Brad John. Two seasoned travelers who had spent too much time preparing for takeoff over the years, the co-founders envisioned a travel retail solution as streamlined as flight itself.
Six months later, this mid-air brainstorm turned into every jetsetter’s dream: a one-stop-travel-shop for everything from luggage, to aerotherapy solutions, and cutting edge tech to suit the frequent flyer’s every need.

Flight 001’s brick and mortar and online stores feature a meticulously curated selection of multi-brand travel products united by ergonomic design and innovation. Flight 001’s own in-house design studio has developed a variety of luggage and travel accessories that have revolutionized the travel product space. The brand’s signature Spacepak Compression Packing System, which maximizes luggage capacity by compressing the volume of packed items by 30%, is part of a five piece system that has transformed the way smart travelers pack. 

“With Spacepak compression packing, all you have to do is fold your clothes, place them in the Spacepak, zip it closed, and push excess air out through one way vents,” said Flight 001 co-founder, John Sencion. “And with the pouch’s interior membrane, dirty laundry stays separate from clean clothes, eliminating the need for plastic laundry bags. The product is a packing, and unpacking, game-changer.”

The 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter is another award-winning Flight 001 innovation. Comprised of a set of color-coded plugs that allow travelers to easily adapt in more than 150 countries, it is the brand’s first product to utilize the JA/C READY System, a user-friendly, color-coded world adapter system that makes finding the right plug for your trip as simple as matching the colors on a map.

One Kiss Or Two? February 05 2016

You know what we mean: you walk into a chic get-together in a foreign place, when your gracious host begins introducing you to other guests mingling at the party. Amid the foreign accents and clouds of cigarette smoke you’re being showered with hugs and kisses from unfamiliar faces, and temporarily forget where you are. Panic. How many times does one pucker up in this part of the world? Is it just once? Or would twice be more appropriate? Could it even be three times? Where am I?

We've all been there, which is why we created our Globetrotter’s Guide to XOXO, where we’ve demystified international greetings to spare you the humiliation of an accidental lip lock. Don’t worry, we’ll have you air-kissing like a local in no time. xx 

Keep your lips to yourself in:

Tibet: Instead, sticking your tongue out  for a few seconds is considered a polite way to greet people here thanks to the legend of Lang Darma, an evil, 9th century black-tongued king.

Philippines: In very formal situations, particularly when you’re greeting someone older than you, bow your head and take the other person’s hand. Press your forehead against his or her knuckles, and say “Mano Po” which means, “Your hand, please.” In more casual situations, a little beso will suffice.     

New Zealand: The Hongi is a traditional Maori greeting. To do it, reach out your arm for a handshake, step forward, and press your nose against the other person's for a few seconds.

Thailand: Here, it’s customary to put your hands together in the prayer position, and to tilt your head in a bow. The closer your hands are to your face, the more respect you show for the other person.

What sort of greetings have you come across in your travels? Share them with us on Facebook at facebook.com/Flight001Asia.

Travel Style Through The Decades February 04 2016

Travel style through the decaded

Photo Credit: The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, The New York Public Library. "Arrival of the train and descent of the passenger." The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1860 - 1920. 

Traveling in style has been of the utmost importance since travel began, and over the past 100 years, travel style has become decidedly more relaxed and focused on comfort while maintaining an element of chic. Our go-tos for today tend to be cute leggings, light layers, and of course a stylish eye mask for en route beauty rest. We love this photo slideshow from Travel + Leisure documenting how travel style has morphed over the past 100 years. From long frocks of the 1910s to the short shifts in the 1960s, travelers have always had fashion on the brain, but it makes us glad that today we can be fashion-forward and wear stretchy pants in the process. 

Featured on Escape! Asia: Be Organised with Flight 001 Go Clean Set January 27 2016


As featured on Escape! Asia Dec - Jan 2016 issue, Flight 001 GO CLEAN pouches had been selected as a choice for organisation, being one of the three resolutions in 2016.


As quoted in the feature: "Don't just organise your life - clear up wasted space even when you travel with Flight 001 GO CLEAN pouches. The range comes in a multitude of colours and labels and are environmentally friendly. These pouches fit into most luggage and travel bags and can be used separately for dirty clothes."

Flight 001 Go Clean_Escape! Asia_Dec-Jan2016

Interview of Flight 001 Founders for TravelNow Magazine (Volume One 2016, Jan-Feb issue) January 26 2016

Read on the interview of our Founders, John Sencion and Brad John's on their journey conquering the world with Flight 001, their passion for travel and their first travel memories:

Brad & John Interview_TravelNow_1

Brad & John Interview_TravelNow_2


Because your next trip deserves a destination-inspired travel wallet.

Airport Portfolio


The Limited Edition Stewardess Collection have landed! Choose from two different colourways inspired from the design of airplane seats in the glamorous 60s.

Stewardess Collection

WHAT'S NEW: SEAT PAK PRO December 23 2015

Flight 001's classic Seat Pak organizer, reinvented for long-haul travel.

Seat Pak Pro

CARRY-ON OR CHECK-IN? December 14 2015

Less is more, and in this case it’s definitely applicable to luggage too. If you’re hopping around from place to place in a short period of time, it’ll be more convenient to wheel around a small suitcase. Plus, you’ll save on those baggage fees and can spend it on something more worthwhile!

To start off, decide what you absolutely must pack. We found a handy guide from Smarter Travel to help you determine what you need and can hopefully minimize bringing unnecessary items. 


However, if you still have a tendency to overpack (don’t worry, I do too!) and can’t decide between bringing an LBD or sundress, you still can take both using our Spacepak Packing System, thanks to dual-compression technology!

Don’t forget to utilize your one personal item by bringing a large tote or backpack so you have a little extra room in case you buy more than you intended. Major American airlines have generous weight limits for carry-on baggage, so as long as you can fit everything in your suitcase and personal item, you can save money and won’t need to buy a check-in!

PUTTING THE "NEW" IN NEW YORK December 01 2015

New York

New York