Your 2015 Travel Manifesto

1. Visit one new country every year. The possibilities are endless.

2. Those vacation days won’t take themselves. Use every single one of them.

3. Don’t let jetlag slow you down: there isn't a moment to spare.

4. Make a list of the places you want to explore in new destinations, and make it happen. 

5. What language barrier? You will get insider tips to the city from those hip Stockholmers.

6. Say adieu to your threadbare duffel from college and invest in luggage that channels your inner jetsetter. We’re partial to these.

7. Promise to power down from time to time…

8. …and get lost in the now…

9. Read up on new cities before take-off so you know exactly where to go for late night eats upon arrival. 

10. Speaking of eats: definitely try the deep fried caterpillars. 

11. When in doubt, just buy that perfect satchel.

12. Take more photos this year. And print them. We can’t get enough of this instant 

13. When presented with the opportunity, always go for the upgrade.

14. Always be planning your next getaway.

15. Travel like there’s no tomorrow.

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