How to Live Out of Your Suitcase?

How to Live Out of Your Suitcase?

How to Live Out of Your Suitcase

After jetting from one city to the next, you’re bound to be tired of packing and unpacking. Let’s face it: you’re constantly digging through your clothes for that one shirt you have to wear – even if it’s at the bottom of your suitcase. With a few tips and tricks, we’ll help you live out of your suitcase with a breeze.

Become a minimalist.

Going without your entire wardrobe and arsenal of cosmetics won’t kill you. Only bring what’s absolutely essential. Think about it: will you really need those bright blue heels in addition to your trusty black pumps that go with everything? And you can probably make two lipsticks work for eyes and cheeks if necessary, and leave the pantone color palette of eyeshadows at home.  

Maximize efficiency and minimize clutter.

Use our Spacepak packing system to organize your outfits and toiletries. It’ll help you compartmentalize your suitcase, compress your clothes to fit more, and separate your clean clothes and laundry. Say goodbye to that mountain of messy clothing!

Learn to adapt.

Learning to live with less (even if it’s just for a few days) will simplify your life. You’ll spend less time making menial decisions about what product to use or what skirt to wear and focus on more important things … like deciding where to brunch.

Go digital.

Eliminate superfluous travel documents, books, and newspapers and condense it all onto a tablet or laptop. It’s all effortlessly accessible and you won’t run the risk of forgetting where you stashed it in your suitcase. It’s as easy as Control + F!

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