Less is more, and in this case it’s definitely applicable to luggage too. If you’re hopping around from place to place in a short period of time, it’ll be more convenient to wheel around a small suitcase. Plus, you’ll save on those baggage fees and can spend it on something more worthwhile!

To start off, decide what you absolutely must pack. We found a handy guide from Smarter Travel to help you determine what you need and can hopefully minimize bringing unnecessary items. 


However, if you still have a tendency to overpack (don’t worry, I do too!) and can’t decide between bringing an LBD or sundress, you still can take both using our Spacepak Packing System, thanks to dual-compression technology!

Don’t forget to utilize your one personal item by bringing a large tote or backpack so you have a little extra room in case you buy more than you intended. Major American airlines have generous weight limits for carry-on baggage, so as long as you can fit everything in your suitcase and personal item, you can save money and won’t need to buy a check-in!

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