The Benefits of Traveling Off the Grid

The Benefits of Traveling Off the Grid

We’re not saying you need to build a fire and make your own food, but going on a digital detox definitely has its perks. Unplugging can help you unwind and appreciate every aspect of travel without those distracting push notifications.

You’ll Learn to Live Without Technology (At Least For A Bit)

Smartphones are the grown-up version of security blankets. Think of how many times you mindlessly scroll through feeds or reach for your phone when there’s an awkward lull in conversation. We've become so dependent on our devices, sometimes its worth powering down for a while, and just being completely present in the moment. Plus, your device looks like it could use a break.

You’ll Depend on Communicating with Others

Rather than relying on apps and websites to lead the way, you’ll be more likely to ask locals for directions, and local recommendations. You may meet a new friend that turns into a personal tour guide, or just a friendly face that recommends his favorite beer spot. A huge part of traveling is absorbing a new culture, and you can’t do that without reaching out to those who call that place home.

You’ll Worry Less About Social Media

You just Instagramed what you thought was worth a solid 40 likes, but after checking every 3 minutes, you haven’t even reached 11. Even with hashtags and a geotag! Leave those worries behind when you disconnect, and don’t let numbers determined by others define your self worth. Remember: you’re traveling for yourself and no one else.

You’ll Have More Time to Enjoy for Yourself

Your awareness of the world will change after experiencing it with all five senses. There’s so much to see, feel, smell, hear, and taste! It's easy to forget about all of these senses when a red notification bubble pops up and completely takes you out of the moment. There’s a digital world at your fingertips and a physical world all around you. Which one do you want to experience on your next trip?

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