Flight 001 Spacepak Underwear – Flight 001 Asia

Flight 001 Spacepak Underwear

$32.00 SGD   $64.00 SGD

Sock orphans are particularly inconvenient in a foreign land. Spacepak Underwear keeps pairs together and unmentionables out of sight at security checkpoints in one tidy valise, with dual front-and-back zippered compartments to keep clean undies away from dirty laundry. Overpackers, rejoice! Garments packed flat undergo double compression, allowing for maximum wardrobe options

Features & Benefits
- Holds up to 13 pairs of socks and 13 underpants, depending on style
- Two sets of one-way metal rivets allow for air compression

13in X 9.5in X 3in

SKU FLI17312G (Gray)

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