HEX Aspect Card Wallet - Brown Camo – Flight 001 Asia

HEX Aspect Card Wallet - Brown Camo

$15.60 SGD   $39.00 SGD

The Aspect Card Wallet has a cash pocket and two card slots. But one of the coolest features is one you cannot see. Hex has intergrated RFID shielding technology directly into the construction of the wallets. What does this means? Well, take a look at your credit cards. See that microchip? It's RFID enabled. So while that is great for progress and technological advancement, it also means that criminals may have more options for getting shielding in our wallets helps against this type of modern piracy in wallets that are still easy on the eye.

Features & Benefits
- 2 Card Slots
- Cash Pocket
- RFID or NFC scanning Shielding Technology


HX2059-BRCM (Brown Camo)

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