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Zero Per Zero Railway City Map - Europe

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City Railway System is a new approach to projecting the identity of a city onto its subway map. Whereas conventional subway maps aim at conveying information as clearly and concisely as possible, the City Railway System by ZERO PER ZERO distinctively incorporates symbolic elements of each city into its map while preserving clarity. As a special consideration for tourists, major landmarks and tourist attractions are indicated on the subway maps, so that tourists can easily figure out the fastest way to get to the destination at a glance. The railway map itself is also good as a souvenir.

Features & Benefits
- Includes railway map, area map, transportation and other information
- Comes with own holder and slots for passport, passes and tickets
- Europe map shows railway stations and destinations for each major city, night trains and accessing airports

20.6in X 14.9in (map); 3.8in X 7.9in (cover)

SKU ISBN 9788996685104 16980

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